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Atlantic Youth Hockey League


AYHL Week Nine National Rankings

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – The week nine national rankings by MyHockeyRankings.com were released today and 127 teams in the Atlantic Youth Hockey League were ranked across the nine divisions. Nine AYHL teams placed among the top-ten teams in their respective divisions, including five in the top-five.

Here are the AYHL rankings at the Midget 18U level (out of 135 teams ranked):
     ·North Jersey Avalanche (19)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers (26)
     ·Team Comcast (31)
     ·Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights (44)
     ·New Jersey Junior Titans (45)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen (48)
     ·Washington Little Capitals (59)
     ·Connecticut Wolfpack (74)
     ·Philadelphia Little Flyers (83)
     ·Long Island Gulls (85)
     ·New Jersey Rockets (86)
     ·Mercer Chiefs (107)
Here are the AYHL rankings at the Midget 16U level (out of 163 teams ranked):
     ·North Jersey Avalanche (16)
     ·New Jersey Junior Titans (19)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers (25)
     ·Team Comcast (38)
     ·Long Island Gulls (43)
     ·New Jersey Rockets (47)
     ·Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights (60)
     ·Long Island Royals (61)
     ·New Jersey Devils Youth (68)
     ·Connecticut Wolfpack (71)
     ·Connecticut Oilers (75)
     ·Washington Little Capitals (82)
     ·North Jersey Avalanche American (91)
     ·Philadelphia Little Flyers (96)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen (113)
     ·Washington Little Capitals American (115)
     ·Philadelphia Little Flyers American (117)
     ·Team Maryland American (120)
     ·New Jersey Junior Titans American (126)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers American (138)
     ·New York Saints American (140)
     ·New Jersey Colonials (141)
     ·Team Comcast American (148)
     ·Mercer Chiefs American (152)
     ·Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights American (153)
     ·Connecticut Oilers American (154)
     ·Hartford Junior Wolfpack American (155)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen American (156)
     ·New Jersey Colonials American (160)
Here are the AYHL rankings at the Midget 15U level (out of 32 teams ranked):
     ·New Jersey Rockets 16U American (18)
Here are the AYHL rankings at the Bantam Major level (out of 104 teams ranked):
     ·New Jersey Colonials (9)
     ·North Jersey Avalanche (17)
     ·Connecticut Wolfpack (18)
     ·Mercer Chiefs (25)
     ·Team Maryland (34)
     ·Washington Little Capitals (39)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers (52)
     ·New Jersey Devils Youth (53)
     ·Long Island Gulls (55)
     ·Connecticut Oilers (60)
     ·Team Comcast (64)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen (71)
     ·Long Island Royals (75)
     ·New Jersey Rockets (85)
     ·Lehigh Valley Phantoms (88)
Here are the AYHL rankings at the Bantam Minor level (out of 99 teams ranked):
     ·Washington Little Capitals (23)
     ·New Jersey Devils Youth (24)
     ·Team Comcast (26)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers (33)
     ·Mercer Chiefs (34)
     ·New Jersey Junior Titans (46)
     ·Connecticut Wolfpack (50)
     ·Long Island Gulls (53)
     ·New York Saints (55)
     ·Connecticut Oilers (63)
     ·North Jersey Avalanche (67)
     ·Philadelphia Little Flyers (69)
     ·Team Maryland (72)
     ·Long Island Royals (81)
     ·New Jersey Rockets (84)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen (95)
     ·New Jersey Colonials (98)
Here are the AYHL rankings at the Pee Wee Major level (out of 93 teams ranked):
     ·New Jersey Colonials (5)
     ·Team Comcast (9)
     ·Long Island Gulls (11)
     ·Washington Little Capitals (17)
     ·North Jersey Avalanche (20)
     ·Team Maryland (21)
     ·New Jersey Devils Youth (29)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen (33)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers (51)
     ·New Jersey Rockets (53)
     ·New York Saints (55)
     ·Connecticut Wolfpack (59)
     ·Philadelphia Little Flyers (65)
     ·Mercer Chiefs (78)
     ·Connecticut Oilers (82)
Here are the AYHL rankings at the Pee Wee Minor level (out of 86 teams ranked):
     ·Team Maryland (13)
     ·New Jersey Rockets (20)
     ·Long Island Gulls (28)
     ·Connecticut Oilers (30)
     ·North Jersey Avalanche (32)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen (36)
     ·Washington Little Capitals (40)
     ·Long Island Royals (42)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers (50)
     ·New Jersey Junior Titans (52)
     ·Team Comcast (53)
     ·New Jersey Devils Youth (69)
     ·Philadelphia Little Flyers (71)
     ·New Jersey Colonials (73)
     ·Connecticut Wolfpack (83)
     ·Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights (84)
Here are the AYHL rankings at the Squirt Major level (out of 828 teams ranked):
     ·Philadelphia Little Flyers (1)
     ·Long Island Gulls (2)
     ·Long Island Royals (5)
     ·New Jersey Colonials (9)
     ·New Jersey Rockets (22)
     ·North Jersey Avalanche (29)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen (31)
     ·Connecticut Oilers (43)
     ·Team Comcast (53)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers (76)
Here are the AYHL rankings at the Squirt Minor level (out of 163 teams ranked):
     ·New Jersey Colonials (4)
     ·Long Island Gulls (8)
     ·Team Comcast (13)
     ·New York Saints (14)
     ·Long Island Royals (17)
     ·Philadelphia Junior Flyers (19)
     ·Valley Forge Minutemen (24)
     ·Connecticut Oilers (34)
     ·North Jersey Avalanche (52)
     ·New Jersey Rockets (77)
     ·Lehigh Valley Phantoms (99)
     ·Mercer Chiefs (102)
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