Atlantic Youth Hockey League


MIDDLETOWN, N.J. – AYHL sat down with George Haviland, head coach of the New Jersey Titans Youth program, for an exclusive interview to discuss his coaching philosophy and insights on player development within the AYHL.

When asked about his coaching philosophy and the values and goals of the AYHL, Haviland stated: “We're a club that promotes our guys. We have a North American Hockey League team here so we promote player development and strength of schedule and good competition along the way. It’s at the forefront of what we’re doing here.”

Haviland elaborated on his coaching style, which he believes maximizes skill building in his players. "We provide way more than a required amount of practice on the ice. The USA Hockey standards for tier one is what our guys practice, you know, four to five hours a week every week. From a player development perspective, we have two hours of the five hours a week committed to skill development and we just strictly do skills on those two hours.”

Through a combination of a proven development model, a nurturing organizational culture, and competitive opportunities tailored to players of all skill levels, the Titans organization remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering dedicated skaters.

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