Atlantic Youth Hockey League


John Geverd has the Minutemen firing on all cylinders 


OAKS, Pa. – Valley Forge Minutemen Coach John Geverd does not have any challenge explaining his leadership style. He places a strong emphasis on teamwork and life lessons, teaching the Minutemen to play with the precision of their namesake.

"I try to hold the kids accountable as much as possible and ensure they play with discipline. It translates to life lessons as well," said Geverd. He believes building a cohesive team that works towards a common goal not only benefits hockey performance, but also instills valuable life skills in players. “We try to play as a team as much as possible. Everybody's working towards the same goal and I think a lot of life lessons come out of that.”

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in Geverd's coaching strategy. He encourages open dialogue with players and holds weekly video sessions to review team progress and address concerns. Coach Geverd believes that encouraging players to communicate directly with the coaching staff helps them develop crucial communication skills that benefit them beyond the rink. “My assistant coach and I try to talk to the kids after every practice. We'll meet with the kids in the locker rooms and also do weekly video sessions as well to go over good things, bad things, where the team stands and to make sure everybody's on the same page.”

As players transition between age groups within the AYHL, Geverd tailors his coaching approach accordingly. For younger players, focus is placed on skill development, gradually introducing structure and systems as they progress to higher levels. The coaching team emphasizes techniques such as body checking at appropriate stages, highlighting the importance of safety and proper technique. Gevard explains, “I think you start adding in more structure as they get older.”

The Valley Forge Minutemen, under Coach John Geverd's guidance, exemplify the values of the AYHL. Nurturing well-rounded players who not only excel in hockey but also grow as individuals is a common theme across associations. As the season progresses, the Minutemen are poised to showcase their dedication and teamwork on and off the ice.


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