Atlantic Youth Hockey League


Week 7: Teams are stride for stride in 16U Division

HACKENSACK, N.J. — Across the AYHL, we’re starting to figure out who the contenders are. In the 16U division however, the race for the division title remains tight. No team has more than a two-game lead on the team behind them, meaning every match counts as these teams look to establish themselves as the team to beat. 


Long Island Royals vs. North Jersey Avalanche (Elite) 

The Long Island Royals will look to break from of the division’s middle class as they take on the North Jersey Avalanche. The Royals have had a perfectly above average season thus far. They’ve scored slightly more goals than they’ve allowed, and they’ve won slightly more games than they’ve lost. However, this weekend they will be presented to break free from “average.” Even though they currently occupy fifth place, they’re one win away from catching all the way up with second place. They may never have a better chance to do it, as the North Jersey Avalanche haven’t gotten anything going so far this year. They’re currently 1-6, but one win could be enough to move them up out of the division’s basement and, more importantly, enough to finally start building some much-needed momentum. 


Philadelphia Hockey Club vs. New York Saints (Elite)

The Philadelphia Hockey Club are a unique team. On one hand, they’re second place in the division with a stellar 4-2-1 record. On the other, they’re one of the rare winning teams to have allowed more goals than they’ve scored. What does this mean? When they’ve lost, it’s been by big margins. However, it means they’ve managed to gut out a lot of close wins over the course of the season. What that means is anyone’s guess, but it likely means the Saints could view this as a very winnable game. Especially considering the Saints have already beaten them earlier in the season. A win over the second ranked team would be huge for the Saints, who despite having a winning record, are currently languishing in divisional purgatory. 


New Jersey Devils Youth vs. New Jersey Jr. Titans (Elite)

So, there’s good news and bad news for the Titans. The bad news is they haven’t had much luck so far this season. They’re 2-5 and have allowed 33 goals on the year. The good news? The team they’re facing has allowed 38. The Devils are 4-4 and currently occupy third place in the division, but their defense hasn’t done them any favors so far this year. Luckily for them, they’ve fielded an explosive offense; their 35 goals scored is good for second most in the division. The winner of this game could very well be whoever patches up their defense more effectively. 

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