Atlantic Youth Hockey League


John DiNorcia helps build a positive culture at Devils Youth and in AYHL

WEST ORANGE, N.J. – There might not be anybody who knows the AYHL quite as well as John DiNorcia. The Director of the New Jersey Devils Youth has been actively involved in the AYHL for over two decades, and was kind enough to sit down with us to share his coaching philosophy and his efforts to create a positive and inclusive culture within the AYHL. 

Mr. DiNorcia believes the league's strong focus on player development is one of the biggest reasons he’s been involved with the league for this long. As someone who has both played and coached in the AYHL, Mr. DiNorcia believes this approach aligns perfectly with his own ideology in nurturing and advancing young talent. He also serves as the director of Player Development for USA Hockey in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, which allows him to closely collaborate with numerous AYHL coaches across the league.

In DiNoricia’s vast experience, he’s come to realize that teams have their greatest success when coaches and parents focus on their team's individual progress rather than any outside noise, “Steer clear of comparing oneself with others. Don’t fixate on rankings and trophies.”

He also believes in creating a positive, focused culture where players feel valued and intellectually stimulated within the sport. To him, it’s of the utmost importance that there is a relationship of mutual respect and open communication between players, parents, coaches and league officials, “Coaches set an example by maintaining a respectful relationship with referees and fostering transparent and positive interactions with parents.”Submit

Mr. DiNorcia’s dedication to fostering a nurturing and inclusive team culture is a testament to his commitment to the AYHL's values and goals. His approach exemplifies the league's focus on player development and creating a positive atmosphere for all participants.

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