Atlantic Youth Hockey League


WEST CHESTER, Pa. — The 14U Major Division saw some compelling matchups this weekend. The top teams in the division continued to cruise, while some of the underdog teams managed to score some much-needed momentum. 


Philadelphia Junior Flyers vs. Valley Forge Minutemen (Premier)

The Philadelphia Junior Flyers continued to assert their dominance as the division’s top team as they took care of business against the Valley Forge Minutemen, 5-0. The Minutemen were able to hang with their heavily favored opponents at first, as both teams were scoreless at the end of the first period. That would soon change. Kelly Matozzo scored twice and Luke Johnson added another to make the score 3-0 heading into the third period. It was academic from there, as Matozzo completed a hattrick with a third goal before Eli Barnes got in on the scoring. With this comfortable 5-0 lead, the Flyers improve their record to 6-0-1. They look like one of the powerhouses in this division. 


Philadelphia Little Flyers vs New York Jr. Titans (Premier)

Speaking of Flyers, the Jr. Flyers weren’t the only team to score a big win over the weekend. The Little Flyers were able to secure a much-needed win, and by a margin of five points no less. Marshall Matyszcak scored three goals, including one shorthanded, to lift his team over the Titans, 6-1. The Little Flyers previously had only win on the year and were in desparate need of another to gain some momentum. Well, stomping a team by five points is a pretty good way to do just that. On the other side, the Titans fought valiantly, but were bogged down by penalties. They committed eight in total, including three each by Artur Charniak and Damir Lapegin. Dare I say, “Bash Brothers?” 


Philadelphia Little Flyers vs. Washington Little Capitals (Premier)

No doubt riding high of their biggest win of the year, the Little Flyers walked face first into a buzzsaw later in the weekend. The Flyers fell to the fifth place Capitals by the exact same margin as in their previous game, 6-1. Matyszcak’s fourth goal of the weekend wasn’t enough for the Flyers to escape the Caps bombardment. They scored their six goals with five different players, showcasing their depth and talent. With this win, the Caps are now 3-2 and are now only one win behind the fourth place Long Island Royals. In a few weeks’ time, they could be right in the mix for the divisional crown.

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