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Jon Rogger has Philadelphia Junior Flyers soaring high

WESTCHESTER, P.A. – Philadelphia Junior Flyers Head Coach Jon Rogger understands that not every player is the same. Rogger believes that tailoring his coaching style to the needs of his players is the only way to get the best out of them.

That’s why Rogger emphasizes the importance of practice and letting the team’s needs dictate the focus of their training. The team practices three times a week, and if the defense or offense is struggling, they concentrate on those specific areas in practice. “We try to prioritize what our team needs from the start of the season,” Rogger explained. “If we feel our defense is struggling or our offense is struggling, we'll focus our next couple practices in those areas”. Additionally, video analysis plays a crucial role in their skill development strategy. If the team is not generating enough scoring chances, they review videos with the players to identify the issues and find solutions.

One of the core principles of the Junior Flyers' coaching philosophy is the development of each player. While winning is a goal, the primary objective is to ensure players improve their skills and progress to higher levels of hockey. “Our goal isn't just about winning, obviously we want to win, but we want players to get better and we want kids to move on.” Rogger stated. “This not only benefits the team in terms of recruitment but also allows players to pursue opportunities at the next level of competition.”

When asked about his staff's communication with players, parents, and league officials, Rogger emphasized that communication is a top priority and states he has an “open door policy.” He implements this policy to foster open dialogue between the coaching staff and the players. At the beginning of the season, they hold parent meetings to address any concerns or questions. Additionally, the team holds three player meetings throughout the year to get to know each player individually, understand their goals, and create a supportive environment for their growth.

Preparing players for transitions between age groups within the league is a critical aspect of the Junior Flyers' coaching philosophy. Rogger acknowledges there is a requisite maturity needed to compete against adults at 18 years old. To address these shifts, they tailor their off-ice training programs to meet the specific needs of each age group, focusing on gym workouts and on-ice skills development.


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