Atlantic Youth Hockey League


Week 10: Shakeup guaranteed in 14U Major division

PITTSTON, P.A. — Ten weeks into the season, things are still close in the 14U Major division. However, a shakeup in the divsion standings is all but certain after this weekend's games, as many closely ranked teams are slated to face off.


North Jersey Devils Youth vs. WB/Scranton Jr. Knights (Premier)

In a battle of diametrically opposed teams, the North Jersey Devils Youth will take on the WB/Scranton Jr. Knights. The Knights have yet to lose a game, whereas the Devils have yet to win one. The Knights are playing inspired hockey, with a tie being the lone blemish on their resume and with the least number of goals allowed in the entire division. Conversely, the Devils have scored the second least number of goals in the division. While the Devils have yet to win a game in their nine outings, they’ve also had an astonishing four ties. That means that victory has been within their grasp four times and slipped away at the last moment. It also means that they have experience playing in long, close games. Will that experience pay off here, as they attempt to steal a massive upset?


Washington Little Capitals vs. Long Island Royals (Premier)

The Washington Little Capitals and Long Island Royals will clash in a highly consequential matchup that could change the division standings. The Royals are ranked 6th and the Capitals are ranked 7th meaning that, coming out of this game, the loser of this match will be ranked beneath the other. It doesn’t get much higher stakes than that, as both teams are looking to close the gap with the top teams in the division. 


Valley Forge Minutemen vs. New Jersey Colonials (Premier)

The 3-3 New Jersey Colonials will take on the frisky but slumping Valley Forge Minutemen. The Minutemen have only won two games this season, but one of them was a recent 1-0 defensive rock fight against the Washington Little Capitals. The Caps are ranked ahead of the Colonials in the divisional standings, so despite their record, the Minutemen are extremely capable of pulling out upsets over more accomplished teams. Meanwhile, this game is especially crucial for the Colonials, as both teams ahead of them (the Caps and Royals) are facing one another, meaning that one of them is guaranteed to slip in the rankings. A win here could pole-vault the Colonials over the loser of that game and put them in prime position to make some noise in the division. 

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